Equipment for every need

Tiki comes in three different basic versions, which all contain everything you need to get started. The difference between the versions is essentially the number of users, and the need for an external charger. Additionally, there are consumables such as filters and replacement masks. Under extra equipment you’ll find accessories like car chargers, external battery and so on.


A complete Tiki respiratory mask


Has everything you need to get started using Tiki – mask, harness, filter and fan, with internal battery, charger, and storage bag. Comes in three different mask sizes: S, M, and L. (External battery is not included but can be ordered. See extra equipment below.)

1050-51 TikiSTART Small
1050-52 TikiSTART Medium
1050-53 TikiSTART Large


Suitable for several users sharing the equipment. TikiMULTI is delivered in a case, which contains two external batteries, fan without internal battery (40g lighter), charger, and car charger. It’s supplemented with TikiUSER – one for every user, who gets their own mask, harness, and filter.

1107-51 TikiMULTI

1073-52 TikiUSER Medium
1073-53 TikiUSER Large


A complete kit for frequent use by – primarily – one user. All the equipment fits in the bag, including several masks. TikiPro contains all the equipment you need: a mask, harness, filter, fan with internal battery, charger, and external battery with cable.

1113-52 TikiPRO Medium
1113-53 TikiPRO Large



Mask, harness, and filter in a storage bag. Select mask size Medium or Large

1073-52 M
1073-53 L

TikiMASK 5-Pack

Separate exchange masks.

1010-51 5-Pack masks S
1010-52 5-Pack masks M
1010-53 5-Pack masks L



1005-51 2-Pack P3 Particle filter
1005-52 120 P3 Particle filters
1005-53 120 P3 Particle filters (60 x 2-pack)



Tiki battery + charger + cable

External battery with belt clip for normal work up to 10 hours. Comes with Tiki charger and a battery cable.


Tiki battery cable

Tiki cable between fan and external battery. Flexible design, length 1,210–1,810mm




Tiki charger 220V

Charger for mains electrity. Charges fan internal battery, and external battery.
IN 100–240V  50–60Hz, 0.4A. 
OUT 8.4V, 0.7A.

Caution! Never charge Li-Po batteries below 0°C!



Tiki car charger 12V–24V

Charger to be used in car cigarette lighter socket. Charges internal fan battery, and external battery.


Tiki strap

A supple, low-weight strap (harness) fastened to the mask with sturdy hooks and easily-adjustable elasticated straps.



Tiki chin protection

Self-adhesive foam strip to put in the mask as required. Comes with every mask.