Tiki medical

A unique respiratory protection, designed for healthcare with a focus on maximum protection and comfort

Tiki medical is an overpressure mask that filters both the inhaled and exhaled air and is thus well suited for use in care and nursing activities where particularly sensitive people are cared for.

  • Highest level of protection, thanks to two P3 filters and overpressure in the mask
  • Easy to breathe in, thanks to the self-regulating fan
  • Light weight and comfortable to use
  • Good visibility and easy to communicate in
  • A more sustainable alternative to disposable masks
  • Can be stored for a long time

Sold to several regions and hospitals in Sweden


Tiki medical respiratory protection

The fan is powered by a rechargeable battery located in the fan unit. A fully charged battery is enough for about 2.5 hours of uninterrupted use. As an extra accessory, there is an external battery with a higher capacity and which at the same time reduces the weight of the mask, which can also be advantageous in extreme working conditions. The battery also powers the built-in LED lighting.

The completely fog-free visor is made of transparent PET-G and TPE. The visor is a consumable and can be easily replaced if it is damaged or scratched. The visor is available in three different sizes Small, Medium and Large. For the best comfort and safety, it is important to choose your visor in the right size.

The filters are certified according to the highest class for particulate filters (P3). The inhaled air filter is attached with a bayonet socket on top of the visor, while the exhaled air filter is attached with a bayonet socket on the lower front of the visor. It is quick and easy to change the filters.

Everything is held in place with an elastic harness that is easily adjusted to a good fit.

Tiki medical respiratory protection

Tiki medical

Contains everything to get started with your Tiki medical.

A visor, a harness, 2 filters (one for inhalation and one for exhalation), a fan with internal battery, a charger and a sealing screw. The visor is available in three different sizes, S, M and L.


To order your Tiki medical today, contact one of our distributors: 
CODAN Triplus, Omni-Safety, Ottensten, ADARO TECNOLOGIA S.A. LESS