Press release from Tiki Safety AB 2022-02-18

Tiki Safety on Deloitte's list of Sweden's 50 fastest growing companies

Tiki Safety manufactures fan assisted respiratory protections in Stockholm. The respiratory protection meets all requirements for use in environments that require the highest protection against airborne particles, viruses and bacteria. Today, Tiki Safety's respiratory protection is used in the construction sector, the rescue service, healthcare and a number of laboratories.

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–  We are excited to recognise and celebrate the companies in this year’s Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50. The companies ranked, and the smart solutions and services they provide, reflect Sweden’s position at the forefront of innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. Qualifying for a place on the list is a significant achievement and we look forward to seeing what’s next for these companies, says Ester Sundström, partner and responsible for Deloitte Sweden Technology Fast 50

–  We are very grateful to be placed on this list and feel honored to have a 22 nd place with all these fantastic companies. After an extremely fast development and certification process, we can now offer an even better protection for healthcare professionals who work in infectious environments. In 2020, thanks to focused development were we also able to launch the only respiratory protection on the market that protects both user and the patient, says Mikael Klockseth, CEO of Tiki Safety.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit Sweden, Tiki Safety made enormous growth and the demand for respiratory protection became extreme. During this time where they also able to develop a new product to meet the markets demand. A respirator that is adapted for healthcare to protect both the user and the patient, Tiki medical.

 -  Tiki Medical has been tested, certified and the production is running. This to provide all of  Sweden's hospital staff with the right respiratory protection, developed precisely to protect both the user and the patients, says Mikael Klockseth, CEO of Tiki Safety.


Facts Tiki respiratory protection
Tiki has been developed in Sweden for use in demanding environments with the highest requirements for protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The respirator is reusable, has a self-adjusting fan and is powered by a battery. The fan measures the power of each breath in real time and delivers the air and the pressure the user needs. A big benefit of the respirator, which Tiki is alone with, is that it provides good visibility and good mobility thanks to the fan and the filter that is placed on the top of the respirator instead of a belt around the waist. The production takes place in Tiki Safety's factory in Bro, north of Stockholm.

Tiki respiratory protection is TM3P-classified and meets the WHO's (World Health Organization) requirements for safety class FFP3 or higher. To be classified as TM3P, the respirator must filter out at least 99.95 percent of 0.3mm particles. Tiki's respiratory protection is developed to protect against particles, viruses, mold, bacteria, dust, smoke particles, and more.


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