The market for respiratory protections 


Use the Tiki medical as a respiratory protection against viruses like Corona and Ebola

The Tiki masks are classified as respiratory protection equipment (RPE), a type of PPE that protects the user from breathing in air contaminated by hazardous particles such as virus and pollution. These hazards may cause cancer, lung impairment, diseases, or death.

Target users of RPE are people working in hazardous environments with polluted air. This is typically workers within the care and healthcare sectors, or in the industrial sectors (including defense and public safety, oil and gas and manufacturing workers).

The Tiki medical mask provides unique protection and is designed for medical use

The Tiki was initially developed for virological protection for field and hospital work. All the aspects of this sector were carefully considered when developing the Tiki, including user-friendliness, comfort, security, and all gear sterilization. Also, our aim was to achieve an excellent Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) not comparable to anything else on the market. With the introduction of Tiki medical, which filters the air both in and out, the mask has yet another unique feature.

Use the Tiki medical as respiratory protection against viruses like Corona and Ebola

  • Infections caused by Coronaviruses (MERS, SARS, Covid-19), Ebola, Tuberculosis, and others are spread through human interactions, one of the most common transmission pathways being through the mucous membrane and the respiratory system.
  • The best protection is through hygiene, limited exposure, and PPE and respiratory protection. For people who are continuously under risk for exposure, PPE and RPE is a necessity for keeping the risks of virus infection to a minimum.
  • The Tiki has P3 filters for air in/out and a built-in fan which exerts positive pressure inside the mask. This ensures the highest level of protection.

The market for the Tiki 


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