Tiki Safety is now certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO13485

Press release from Tiki Safety AB


Tiki Safety ensures the quality for the future

Since the start of the company, Tiki Safety has worked to meet the highest standards in personal protective equipment, to provide the best solutions and products to all customers in
the industrial and medical sector. Tiki´s respiratory protections meets all requirements for use
in environments that require the highest protection against airborne particles, viruses and

In March 2021, Tiki Safety AB decided to further upgrade its quality management system, to meet and
exceed the industry's requirements and expectations. As of today, they are pleased to announce that
they now have certified their quality management system with three new ISO standards.

Tiki Safety is very proud and happy to announce their seamless, fully integrated and certified quality
management system for;
      ▪ ISO 9001, with a strong customer focus.
      ▪ ISO 13485, with a focus on the requirements that the medical regulations place on companies and
      ▪ ISO 14001, to develop and improve environmental goals for the future

-   It feels fantastic that we have implemented three new quality management systems for a
company that has expanded as fast as Tiki Safety AB, especially since we have done everything
ourselves within the company. Knowing that we are the only company that offers a solution
that protects both patient and user, CE marked according to medical class 1, is something
completely unique. This at the same time as we as a modern company work to ensure that
every respiratory protection has as little impact as possible on the environment, says
Christopher Scheutz, Quality and Product Manager at Tiki Safety AB.

Tiki Safety is then the only company in the world that manufactures certified medical respirators that
protects both the user and the patients.

-   We would like to thank everyone inside and outside the organization, as well as the
companies that have helped us make this certification process possible, says Mikael Klockseth,
CEO of Tiki Safety AB.

Facts Tiki respiratory protection
Tiki has been developed in Sweden for use in demanding environments with the highest requirements
for protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The respirator is reusable, has a self-adjusting
fan and is powered by a battery. The fan measures the power of each breath in real time and delivers
the air and pressure the user needs. A big benefit of the respirator, which Tiki is alone with, is that it
provides good visibility and good mobility thanks to the fan and the filter who is placed on top of the
respirator instead of a belt around the waist. The production takes place in Tiki Safety's factory in Bro,
north of Stockholm.

Tiki respiratory protection is TM3P-classified and meets the WHO's (World Health Organization)
requirements for safety class FFP3 or higher. To be classified as TM3P, the respirator must filter out at
least 99.95 percent of 0.3m particles. Tiki's respiratory protection is developed to protect against
particles, viruses, mold, bacteria, dust, smoke particles, and more.

For further information about Tiki Safety AB contact:
Phone: +46 (0)8-35 32 49