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Press release from Tiki Safety AB 05-06-2020


Techarenan Challenge 2020

Tiki Safety AB nominated for prestigious innovation award

Techarenan Challenge is a competition for the most innovative companies in the Nordic region. In a year of record-breaking competition, Tiki Safety has been nominated for this prestigious award for 2020.

Techarenan Challenge is being organised for the seventh time and is an entrepreneurship competition open to all Swedish and Nordic startups and growth companies, regardless of business area.

The competition is directed at all companies that are based on a unique innovation or business idea with potential for commercialisation on a global scale. The companies have been evaluated by an expert jury, with major focus on scalability, sustainability and the existence of well-defined growth opportunities.

–  “We are honoured and proud to be nominated for this prestigious award”, says Tiki Safety’s CEO Mikael Klockseth. “We know we have a product with good potential, and a product whose development has come at just the right time. An easy-to-use respiratory mask that purifies the air and protects the user in accordance with the highest safety standards.”

During the finals of Techarenan Challenge on 13 November, the finalists will pitch their innovations to this year’s jury on site, and panels and newscasts will be arranged on the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship. The entire programme will be streamed live. 


Facts about the Tiki respiratory mask

Tiki has been developed in Sweden for use in demanding environments with stringent requirements on protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The respiratory mask is reusable, has a self-regulating fan and is battery operated. The mask measures the strength of each breath in real time and supplies the air and pressure the user needs. One major advantage associated with this mask, which is unique to the Tiki design, is that it provides good visibility and good freedom of movement, as the filter and fan are located at the top of the mask rather than on a belt around the user’s waist. Manufacturing takes place in Tiki Safety’s factory in Bro, north of Stockholm.  

TM3P classification

The Tiki respiratory mask has TM3P classification and comfortably exceeds WHO (World Health Organization) requirements on protection class FFP3 or higher. To qualify for TM3P classification, the respiratory mask must filter at least 99.95 percent of 0.3 µm particles. The Tiki mask has been developed as protection against coronavirus, although it also protects against other viruses, mould, bacteria, dust, smoke particles, asbestos, etc.

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Press release from Tiki Safety AB 05-06-2020

Techarenan Challenge 2020:

Tiki Safety AB nominated for prestigious innovation award