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Press release from Tiki Safety AB 16-04-2020


Production maximized to meet global demand for Swedish respiratory mask

Demand for the Tiki respiratory mask is growing dramatically, both in Sweden and globally. The mask is seen to be a safe, comfortable, and economic form of protection for personnel who work with COVID-19 patients. The rate of production has now been maximized in order to be able to make deliveries on time.

– “With our current production capacity, we are able to satisfy the orders we now have for delivery within two weeks. We are also in the process of installing new machinery, which will further increase our production capacity”, says Mikael Klockseth, CEO of Tiki Safety. 

The Tiki mask is well proven and meets the highest safety requirements for filtering facepiece respirators. It is a unique Swedish design that offers many advantages compared to conventional respiratory masks. A self-regulating fan provides the user with filtered air to the extent required on each occasion. The mask has a full-face design and enables the user to maintain good eye contact with patients as well as other members of staff.

– “I interpret the fact that hospitals are upgrading their respiratory masks as a sign that they welcome modern protective equipment in the fight against COVID-19”, says Mikael Klockseth. “Karolinska University Hospital’s purchase of Tiki respiratory masks will provide good protection for 4,000 Swedish physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel. It feels particularly gratifying to be able to make this contribution in these difficult times”, he continues.

In addition to Karolinska University Hospital, Danderyd Hospital and Skåne University Hospital in Lund (among others) have also ordered respiratory masks from Tiki Safety. The company has also received a large number of inquiries from other parts of the world. “The orders and inquiries we have received are a reflection of a strategy on the part of hospitals to invest in reusable respiratory masks with very high protection class”, says Mikael Klockseth.

Facts about the Tiki respiratory mask

Tiki has been developed in Sweden for use in demanding environments with stringent requirements on protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The respiratory mask is reusable, has a self-regulating fan, and is battery operated. The mask measures the strength of each breath in real-time and supplies the air and pressure the user needs. One major advantage associated with this mask, which is unique to the Tiki design, is that it provides good visibility and good freedom of movement, as the filter and fan are located at the top of the mask rather than on a belt around the user’s waist. Manufacturing takes place in Tiki Safety’s factory in Bro, north of Stockholm.

TM3P classification

The Tiki respiratory mask has TM3P classification and comfortably exceeds WHO (World Health Organization) requirements on protection class FFP3 or higher. To qualify for TM3P classification, the respiratory mask must filter at least 99.95 percent of 0.3 um particles. The Tiki mask has been developed as a protection against coronavirus, although it also protects against other viruses, mold, bacteria, dust, smoke particles, asbestos, etc.

For more information about the Tiki respiratory mask, please contact Tiki Safety: info@tikisafety.com Phone +46 (0)8 35 32 49   www.tikisafety.com


Press release from Tiki Safety AB 16-04-2020

Production maximized to meet global demand for Swedish respiratory mask