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Press release from Tiki Safety AB 03-04-2020


Karolinska University Hospital buys modern protection equipment from Tiki Safety AB

The Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm has acquired 4,000 respiratory masks from the internationally renowned Swedish producer Tiki Safety AB.

– I interpret the fact that hospitals are upgrading their respiratory protection masks as they welcome modern protection equipment in the fight against Covid-19, says Mikael Klockseth, Tiki Safety CEO.

He and his father are the innovators behind the Tiki mask, developed for health care settings, reusable and with the highest protection classification.

– This acquisition by Karolinska University Hospital will provide good protection to the 4,000 Swedish doctors, nurses and other health care staff. In these difficult times, it feels incredibly good to be able to contribute with this, continues Mikael Klockseth.

In addition to the Karolinska University Hospital, Danderyd’s Hospital and the Lund University Hospital have also ordered respiratory protection masks from Tiki Safety.

The hospital's decision to acquire Tiki’s respiratory protection masks is connected with the lack of protection equipment, including respiratory masks, in the Swedish health care system. But this is also a strategy set by the hospital to invest in reusable respiratory masks with very high protection class.

– Within a few weeks, we will have the capacity to produce several thousands of respiratory protection masks every week. It's in everyone's interest that the Swedish Health Care System has access to respiratory masks and that we can contribute to alleviating the urgent need of protection masks, says Mikael Klockseth.

Facts about the Tiki Respiratory Protection Mask

Tiki was developed in Sweden, intended for use in demanding settings with the highest requirements of protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The Tiki mask is reusable, has self-adjusting ventilation and is operated with batteries. The mask measures the strength of every breath in real-time and supplies the air and the pressure the user needs. A unique feature of the Tiki mask is that the motor and filter are on the top part of the mask instead of on a belt around the waist, providing better visibility and mobility. And in contrast to other types of respirators where the filter is in front of the mouth and nose, the user’s face is visible in the Tiki mask, improving communication with co-workers and patients. Manufacturing is done in Tiki Safety's factories in Bro, north of Stockholm.

TM3P class

The Tiki Respiratory Protection has a TM3P class and exceeds the WHO’s requirements of FFP3 safety class or higher. To obtain a TM3P classification, the respiratory protection must filter at least 99.95 percentage of 0,3 um particles. The Tiki mask also protects against other types of harmful particles such as other viruses, bacteria, mould, dust, smoke particles, and asbestos.

For further information about the Tiki Respiratory Protection Masks, please contact Tiki Safety AB:
info@tikisafety.com, Phone +46 (0)8-35 32 49. www.tikisafety.com

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Press release from Tiki Safety AB 03-04-2020

Karolinska University Hospital buys modern protection equipment from Tiki Safety AB